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Location in the U.K.

Action Aircraft has a dedicated European Representative located in the UK.

Mark Newman is a fully certified EASA licensed technical engineer who is able to offer certifying and technical services on all turbine Rotorcraft below 2730kg (installation, removal assistance etc) subject to approval by your contracted maintenance organisation.

If you require a quotation to overhaul or repair a Rolls Royce 250 series engine or module please call or fax for further information.

Telephone: (44) (0) 1452 700801
Fax: (44) (0) 1452 700802
Cell: (44) (0) 7903 957188
Website: www.allisonforsale.com

is dedicated to the repair and overhaul of Rolls-Royce A250 series engines and modules, as well as after-market supply of engine related parts and modules for the following Engine types:

  • RR-C20B/C20F/C20R
  • RR-C28
  • RR-C30/P/S
  • RR-C47


EASA Certificate
Repair Operations Specifications
Location in the UKLocation in the UK