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Type ESN Status
250-C20B ENGINE ASSY CAE-833856 Out on Rental, Feb 2018
250-C30P ENGINE ASSY CAE-895148 Out on rental, 5/29/18
250-C47B ENGINE ASSY CAE-410555 Out on rent, 5/29/18
250-C47B ENGINE ASSY CAE-844084 Out on rent 5/29/18


Type ESN Status
250-C20B Compressor CAC-31333F In build
250-C20B Compressor CAC-35186 In build
250-C20B Compressor CAC-33540 In Build
250-C20B Compressor Assy CAC-24561 In build
RR 250 C47B Compressor CAC-44375 Available for sale or rental
RR 250 C47B Compressor CAC-44133 Out on rental on ESN CAE-844084
RR250-C20B Compressor CAC-38855 Out on rental, 5/28/18


Type ESN Status
RR 250 C20B Turbine CAT-24163 Out on Rental 12/7/17
RR 250 C20B Turbine CAT-24664 In build-due O/H
RR 250 C20B Turbine Assy CAT-30726F Out on rent 7/25/17
RR 250 C30P TURBINE CAT-97966 Available for Sale or Rental
RR 250-C20B Turbine CAT-80069 Out on LT Rental, 2010
RR 250-C20B TURBINE CAT-34011 In build
RR 250-C20B TURBINE CAT-31222P In Build
RR 250-C20B TURBINE ASSY CAT-25285 In Build
RR250-C47B Turbine Assy CAT-44025 Out on rental 5/29/18
RR250-C47B Turbine Assy CAT-44274 Available for exchange sale


Type ESN Status
RR 250 C20J GEARBOX ASSY CAG-27469 Out on Rental Sept. 2016
RR 250-C20B GEARBOX ASSY CAG-41016 In Build
RR 250-C47 GEARBOX ASSY CAG-47640 In build
RR250-C20B GEARBOX CAG-37150 In build

is dedicated to the repair and overhaul of Rolls-Royce A250 series engines and modules, as well as after-market supply of engine related parts and modules for the following Engine types:

  • RR 250-C20, C20B, C20C (T63-A-720), C20F, C20J, C20R, C20R/1, C20R/2, C20R/4, C20S, C20W 
  • RR 250-C28 Series
  • RR 250-C30, C30G, C30G/2, C30M, C30P, C30P, C30R, C30R/1, C30R/3, C30S, C30U
  • RR 250-C40B
  • RR 250-C47B, C47M



Fuel Control

Fuel Pump

Governor and Bleed Valve

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